Kicker streamers week 10 - opinion

If you aren’t looking at Vegas implied team totals when making your kicker decision, you’re doing it wrong. And if you’re rolling with 1 kicker every week, regardless of match up, you’re doing it wrong again…especially if you need upside.

Now, if the kicker sucks (I’m looking at you, Jason Myers) implied team scores don’t mean a thing…so take it with a grain a salt. But the 2nd highest implied team score last week was Dallas and Brett Maher put up 14 points…there is something to this strategy.

I went against my own advice last week, and my kicker only put up 7 points (Justin Tucker). This shouldn’t have been a surprise given Ravens’ implied team score was only 20.5

There’s no such thing as an iron-clad, locked-and-loaded, 100% guaranteed boom boom kicker every week, but implied team scores will give you the best shot of upside.

Suggested kickers this week (Will Lutz and Matt Gay were both available in my 10 team league this week - good kickers are still available in leagues due to bye weeks…)

  1. Will Lutz (32.5 implied team score and he’s a good kicker)
  2. Matt Gay (28.75 implied team score and he’s been top 5 on the year [Jason’s BOOM BOOM pick])
  3. Justin Tucker (28.5 implied score and we are reminded 5 times every week that he’s the most accurate kicker in history…)

Under 60% rostered in ESPN leagues

  1. Brett Maher (25 implied team score; decent kicker)
  2. Chase McLaughlin (new kicker for SF - 25.75 implied team score; high risk/high reward)