Kicker talk - Painfull but necessary

I’m having a bad year with kickers, i never draft one and I’ve been lucky grabbing one from waivers and usually you find one to roll with ROS but this year aside from the top 3/4 (Lutz, Zuerlein, Gostkowski, Butker) it’s been a bit of a wash.

I’ve rolled with Bailey and after more misses I need to change. I’ve just lost Gordon maybe for the season so need every advantage going into the playoffs to defend my title. Best available are below, if the clan could advise who they would go for i’d be very appreciative!

Succop, Bryant, Elliot, Badgley, also Vinatieri is likely to be dropped as he was cover for bye week.

I’m leaning Succop or Badgley here purely based on schedule and being on teams that move the ball and should be able to move the ball and with LAC losing Gordon thinking that the redzone efficiency will go down leading to more FG attempts?

Thoughts/Insights appreciated!

So painful… LOL

I’d consider Bryant too since ATL has a good enough offense and 2 of his next 3 are home games in the dome.

I’d probably go with Bryant or Badgley. I think usually Succop is pretty underrated/under-owned. The Titans offense should be okay ROS as long as Mariota stays healthy, but they’ve been really inconsistent this season even when he’s out there.

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Yeah I had Bryant in for a while this past week but swapped him out last minute - made myself a whole point! But he should be in the mix i agree, Ravens at home might not be best but i don’t think the Falcons will be blown away by anyone left and being in the dome late in the year is appealing.

I think if Adam V gets dropped i’ll get him in as the Colts have a really good closing schedule and move the ball at will and he’s at home for both the semi finals and championship week. If not then maybe Bryant this week as Badgley is away at the Steelers in primetime so not sure about him there and then go from there!

Thanks for the thoughts man appreciate it!

good luck defending that title!! :+1:

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Cheers mate, couldn’t do it without the Footclan’s help that’s for sure!

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Incredibly painful. I had Butker all year and forgot to pick up him after I dropped him in bye(I refuse to have 2 kickers). I did pick up Badgley and I completely agree with you that now without Gordon that goal line won’t be as automatic. Plus they play Pittsburgh this week…I’m pretty sure. Think kicker should get plenty of work.

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