Kickers lol

Did not want to create this thread but we have Kickers still

Have Prater ( ARZ)

Best Available

Gay - LAR

Meyers -SEA

Gould -SF

Any thoughts :confused:

This week, Gould on matchup

Thanks. Sorry looking more Season long.

I really like Matt Gay as an option. High powered team. But really you should consider streaming.

Stick with Prater…

First of all, he holds the NFL record for the longest FG.

Secondly, he plays on a team with a powerful offense, putting the team in scoring position often.

Thirdly, he plays in a dome stadium.

It really doesn’t get any sweeter than that, for Kickers.

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Perfect and thanks

BTW do you ever sleep AXE ELF :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face:

He knows when you’ve been sleeping.
He knows when you’re awake.
He knows you could sleep better.
If you knew which Kicker to take.

(HINT: It’s still Prater.)

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Lol. Some people think your takes are harsh.

I love it !!