Kickers - Please help me

Hey Footclan,

I could really use your help right now. My league is going through the process of making changes to our league that will start next season. I suggested that all field goals be worth 3 points, and somebody else wanted to increase the points for kicks greater than 30 yards. Please help me convince my league that kickers aren’t fun in fantasy and we should definitely not make them even more valuable.


What platform are you using for the league ?

We use ESPN

If you feel like the argument isn’t going in your favor trying going for only 50+ yards get an extra point maybe try finding some stats on kickers to support your argument, 30-40 yard FGs aren’t that difficult for kickers they don’t need to be rewarded. If your league doesn’t have any bonuses for long Catches or Runs you could use that to support your side also. Good Luck.

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Meh, one of my leagues has a 3, 4, and 5 point spread for 30, 40 and 50 yarders but with the -2 for missed, I think it gives it a fun dynamic. I realize I may be on an island on this one however. You can fall victim to a 12-15+ point bombing by the opposing kicker at times though…