Kickers Still Matter!

I drafted Matt Gay but he’s on his way out. There are 4 teams who need kickers. How much FAAB do I sacrifice to maintain my hold on Tampa’s kicker? Highly competitive league where having a kicker on high scoring teams can make a big difference.

Idk, like you mentioned if 4 people need kickers and they are as “important” as you say, you might need to spend a bit more. Lemme ask you this, i assume this is a dynasty league? How deep are your waivers? Do you envision yourself needing all 100$ through out the year, or realistically are you only going to make 1-3 waiver wire adds through out the year? If that’s the case, i’d feel comfortable spending 10-15 knowing i’ll still have plenty for a few more adds through out the year. If it’s redraft where waiver wire adds are much more frequent, then i think 5-7 is a good number, but you really have to read your league to gauge how much you think they’ll spend

Thanks for the feedback. It is a redraft. Our rules give us $150FAAB. I went with a $4 commitment, and apparently neat out another owner who offered up 3.