Kicking and Screaming

Kicked around the idea of removing kickers from my 8-man league. This is a league of men across the county, who can decide on anything or respond in an adequate amount of time. Yet the minute I posed the questions, within 60 seconds I got negative responses. Stating how kickers are part of the game and how we need to keep them in the league - ugh.

Go back to last years league stats, if you can, and find weeks where someone got beat by an opposing kicker. Remind them of the pain they’ve likely repressed. Rub it in their faces. Be obnoxious.

I’m sure someone got the Ka’imi Fairbairn treatment last year. Or the Harrison Butker the year before. If the people wanting to keep kickers are the rostering those players - do the opposite. Remind everyone that they only won on the backs of kickers.

Finally, if all else fails, beat everyone at their own game. Study kickers. I mean really study them. Start the K1 each week and see if your league mates change their tune.

For me, the thing with Kickers is that at the end of the season, kicker1 and kicker12 are seperated by a total of only 40 fantasy points or 2.3 points per week. So there isn’t a huge difference within the position. Fairbarn had 170 fantasy points last season in standard scoring. That’s ahead of guys like Diggs, Ertz, Cooks, OBJ, TY Hilton etc. However, the position is also EXTREMELY volatile. One week he went 0-0 with 3 extra point (3points) then he would have a week of 5-5 with 3 extra points and end up with 28 points. Basically they’re too unpredictable and have very dramatic point shifts from week to week.

So all kickers are going to be relatively the same at the end of the year, there isn’t really a battle to see who gets the top guy usually. That’s why people usually wait until the last round to get one. But when we look at kickers vs the rest of the roster, they’re going to win weeks by themselves. When your kicker goes out and gets a random 25+ points, that’s a lot to overcome. Unless the rest of your roster is just straight dumpster trash, you’re going to win that week. All because of a kicker. But that production isn’t something you can expect or plan for because it’s not consistent and everyone in the league is going to have that opportunity with their kicker.

I would add in the idea that kickers are the only position in fantasy football where your player may never hit the field and it has nothing do with their performance or skill. When you spend zero time doing research on a position it needs to go…my league is facing the same issues as yours is but in 2 years I’ve convinced 6-12 so I need 1 more this year to win the majority vote. So start working over key votes individually and may not change this year but next year you can remove kickers.

For the purpose of discussion… why not spend some time doing research? It might give you a competitive advantage.

my counter to that would be, ok then lets do an IDP, we wil get O line involved, punters, coaches will get points, waterboys and announcer points. just because they are apart of the game does not mean we should put stupid fluky points to them. its a wildcard that gets people who should lose a win and vise versa. they are garbage and should be out of fantasy. but thats just my opinion lol.

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Like I said earlier, Kickers 1-12 were only separated by an average of 2.3 points per game. Assuming everyone has one of the top 12 kickers. There really isn’t too much of a difference. Definitely not enough to spend a higher pick on.