Kinda have to make a trade... I think

10 team standard league. My running backs are weak. I have Aaron Jones, James Robinson, then not much, such as Kenyan Drake, Hines and Sony Michel. I was offered Gibson, Swift and AB for Jones, Devante Adams and Michel, but I want to counter with Jones and Michel for Gibson and Swift. Does this seem fair? Or am I better off holding onto my guys? I think I REALLY need to add a RB to improve my team, but I’m just not sure what to do here.

D Adams
Aaron Jones
James Robinson
Mark Andrews
Marvin Jones Jr
Corey Davis
Devata Smith
Kenyan Drake

I’d be reluctant to let Jones go, he’s on a great offense. Swift looks like he’ll be reliable and Gibson will most likely bounce back from his weak start, but Jones gives you those explosion games for over 40 points every so often, I like having that.

I agree you need some more reliable depth at RB and I suppose this trade would give you three pretty solid RB1s…tough call. I think I’d try to add somebody from waivers first, but I’ve definitely been in that situation of having to stream an RB every week based on matchup and it gets stressful.

I ended up trading Jones and Sony for Gibson and Swift. It worked out for me this week hopefully it will keep working. I feel much more comfortable with my depth now, but I will definitely miss those explosive games from Jones.