Kinda Tired Of Chris Carson

I’m not happy with how Carson is performing (currently watching the game).
He’s been super underwhelming so far this season, except for the first week.
Should I trade him, or just wait and sub out Carson for Chubb in my lineup?

If you aren’t happy for him you could always put some feelers out there and see if you can get good value back. I wouldn’t sell low on Carson right now. Did you actually bench Chubb for Carson this week?

He has over 100 yards and a touchdown… what else could you want?

I’m pretty happy with him :+1:

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@Hbomb2112 @DiaperMoney @richmonDOC I posted this the top of the third quarter when he had around 7 points… needless to say, I’m fairly happy with him now lol

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Yes I did. I didn’t know if the Niner’s defense was going to be a problem. I still have Ekeler in my slot however, so I can swap them out

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You were gonna start Ekeler over Chubb? LOL

Do you have any openings in your league?


Chubb is against a very good Niner’s defense, and Ekeler (even though he’ll be sharing snaps with Gordon) is going against a banged up, Bradley Chubb-less Broncos defense. Didn’t seem like a bad idea, but I’ll wait till this weekend to switch them. Get some insider info

I would find it pretty hard to sit Chubb every week, but hey you made the right call on Carson! You do you man.

Chubb is not to be benched under any circumstance other than injury. He is a three down back with huge explosive upside. It only takes two broken tackles for him to end up in the end zone. Yes game script can work against him, but really he has no competition behind him for touches. He hasn’t had less than 4 targets in a game either and that’s on top of never having less than 17 carries.

As for Carson, he’s on a team than runs the ball first, but more importantly he’s on a team that takes deep shots down the field. This means the DBs have to be careful and it also means that he’s not always facing a stacked box. Yes at times it seems like he’s not getting anywhere and last night was saved by a late receiving TD, but we are talking about a Rams DST lead by Aaron Donald. Either way he’s getting lots of touches and there will be more opportunities for goal line carries the rest of the way. Run first offense is a blessing for a back like Carson who has shown he can bounce it outside when the middle is too crowded. He’s not a one trick pony and will more often than not provide great value compared to his ADP.


I replaced Ekeler with Chubb

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Okie dokie. I replaced Ek with Chubb