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King GARF or Red Rifle?


Got both on the roster, presently set to start GARF, but what’s the collective sentiement? Roll with the Red Rifle in a game that should put up gobs of points, or use GARF whose offense is on fire? Only thing that scares me is that Gurley gets all the short yardage goal line work and they don’t seem to pass a ton in the red zone… At least it feels like whenever I watch Rams games they always run run run and use jet sweeps/shovel passes to get into the end zone…


Bump. Wanted feedback for assistance maximizing the fiance’s lineup. I owe her…


I was burned by Goff last week, but I’m rolling a wjth him again. If you need a home run I would probably go with Dalton


Thanks, so Dalton probably has the higher ceiling, so I’ll let her know and she can make up her mind… Seeing as how she always beats me now :-):laughing: