Kirk cousins?! Is it worth picking up someone else this week...slim pickings

I have Kirk Cousins and this week looks terrible for him and the redskins in general. Is it worth picking up Bortles, Brissett, or Manning?!

Also have this same question so very interested in what responses you get. Weighing picking up Brissett. Worried that weather (snow, mixed precip), OL injuries, Reed and Crowder out, and a embarrassed defense makes Cousins matchup difficult. So hopefully footclanners share more insights.

Im starting Cousins this week, and I hate myself for it! I do have insane RBs and a good WR corps. I am hoping they can pull me through, but I am not excited to watch Cousins put a 10.5 on the scoreboard this week.

Unfortunately I don’t have strong RBs and WRs. And the team I am playing just added Zeke off waiver claims. Second week in a row I gave go against Zeke. I’m sorta counting this as a loss and focusing on next week.

Ugh so we’re all screwed. The weather makes it that much worse! I do have Zeke on my team though, so the say of execution might do me wonders.