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Kirk Cousins or Tyrod Taylor


Kirk Cousins or Tyrod Taylor for week 1?


I think both have the opportunity for a big game, but I’d go with Cousins.

Tyrod is fresh off a head injury, so he might not be getting you those rushing yards and rushing TDs that we’re used to seeing. At least this week while he heals up. He has people to throw it to, but not as many options as Cousins. I feel like Shady will be the main game script while Tyrod protects his noggin this week.

I’m buying into some of the hype around WAS this year and I think Cousins have some great options to go to with Pryor, Garcon, and Crowder.

Given that NYJ and PHI gave up similar average yardage to opposing offenses last year, I have more faith in Cousins and Washington to pick apart the Philly defense through the air while Buffalo focuses on pounding the ball with Shady.


I’d definitely go Cousins. A lot of talk about Washington maybe not living up to the hype but I’ll believe that when I see it. Jordan Mathews is not only brand new to Buffalo but also hasn’t had much time to practice due to injury. Other option is Zay who is going to be starting his first NFL game. Pryor, Crowder, Doctson, and Reed (healthy for now) are excellent targets for Cousins.


Cousins it is! Thanks!