Kirk Cousins Trade

The Aaron Rodgers owner has offered me McKinnon and Pryor for Cousins and DeVante Parker.

My team:
Luck, Cousins
Doug Martin, Demarco, Zeke, David Johnson, McFadden, Perine
AB, Thielen, Parker, Bryant

His Team:
Ajayi, Howard, McKinnion, Allen, Abdullah
Evans, Green, Hilton, Pryor, Garcon
Reed, Rudolph

I’m thinking about taking this deal and then using one of my RB’s to flip for another stud receiver. Just wanted to hear the Footclan’s thoughts!?!?!?

Personally I wouldn’t do it. I think you’re giving up more than you’d be getting and, based on his team, if you really wanted to move Cousins you could get a better WR in return

I like this actually, and I think you already know this is a good idea. Depending if there are QB’s on the waiver wire worth riding on. And I believe there are, supposing this is an 8 or 10 team league.

I would counter with McKinnon and Hilton if you want to do this. McKinnon is easily the better back (murray) He is probably desperate after loosing Aaron, plus once Luck comes back Hilton will be a monster again.