Kirk Cousins vs Lamar Jackson

Sounds crazy…but I’m debating who to start. Help!

I’d play Kirk. You know what Kirk offers but you’ve only seen what Lamar can do once, which could be good or bad! Kirk seems like the safe play but if you’re in a go big or literally go home kind of situation, rushing TDs from QBs are quite valuable and Lamar did do a lot of rushing on his first outing.

Honestly, with risk I would play Lamar. I feel like what we saw last week with Gus Edwards and Lamar Jackson is going to be the way they play from now on as long as Flaaco is sidelined. Along with that they are facing the raiders who have allowed a hefty number of rushing yards/tds. Kirk is definitely a good play but I am worried he may lose some of his passing yards to the run with Dalvin Cook in against the packers. This is the case I made for myself to start Lamar over Deshaun watson this week with Mahomes on a bye. Good luck.