Kirk Cousins

Well… Cousins is has officially destroyed my week :sweat_smile:

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The entire Vikings offense (and defense) is going to ruin rosters this week.

I’ve basicslly lost my week because of cousins lmao

I started Diggs and Murray…#lost

Same. #miserylovescompany

Yeah i started Cousins and Diggs. Suppose to have an easy win today and that killed me.

I started cousins over Brees. Also had Murray on my bench and started him. I’m going to lose by 10 points :frowning:

I advised a lot of people to play Murray on this forum. I had Min’s Defense and got next to nothing, while Yahoo was projecting 19.6 points. I don’t think anyone connected to Minnesota should kick themselves though. Playing this like they would blow out the Bills was going with probability/the odds - meaning to say, it was the correct decision to have made. This was like flopping a flush in hold 'em and somebody at the table sticking around with pocket 2’s, calling all your raises, and then hitting a full house on the river.