Kirk/MVS pickup?

Christian Kirk and MVS are both available on my waivers. I’ve got a lot of RB but none that are locked in (hoping that someone pops) so I’m not sure who to cut to help me out at WR.

10 team Half PPR

Who would you drop?

RB: Carson, D. Montgomery, Coleman, Cohen, M. Sanders, R. Freeman, J. Jackson, D. Thompson
WR: Hopkins, Juju, R. Anderson

Other players available on waivers are Keke, Gallup, A.Miller, and Beasley

Thank you!

Might be trading in a Camry for a Camry. I have Kirk and MVS but don’t feel good about either.

Kirk and Fitzgerald are basically the same player and you know they are going to want Fitzgerald to get his records. And even at his age, Jerry Rice put up over 1,000 yds at the same age in the same role. It’s going to be interesting seeing how that shakes out.

MVS, no way am I starting him until I see something. He’s not the clear WR2 and could do next to nothing if not. His upside is better though than Kirk but Kirk’s floor is fairly solid.

I probably would wait and see before grabbing either. At least for a week.

I was leaning towards Kirk since he does seem to have more immediate opportunity

Is Darwin Thompson a drop right now with the Shady news? I feel like he’s the guy to drop for Kirk.

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Personally I see this as being a breakout year for Kirk. I think I’d probably drop Thompson since the backfield is so crowded there now. Gallup is also a great candidate for a breakout year to add to your depth at the wr position.

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I hope you are right on Kirk. He is an exceptional route runner and has the power to get open. He should kill it in that offense. Fitz though, is going for all the records. The organization wants to hang their hat on it so it will happen if he is standing upright.

Yeah, I think it will all depend on Kliff’s success as coach. I think he’s going to want to win more than anything else though especially with the doubts out there about him and his college record. He’s going to want to take down the nay sayers so it might be more about the future at this point than Fitz anymore.

Kirk had no 100 yard games and never over 7 targets in a game. Granted, he was a rookie but even late in the season his targets were dropping. Much has changed on that team but is he really better than Fitz at this point. I don’t think so. Like I said, Jerry Rice was still killing it at that age.