Kittle and Metcalf for Lockett and Godwin

Id be receiving Kittle and Metcalf and sending away Lockett and Godwin, My TE right now is Higbee and if I accept this trade then I’d have: Hopkins, kupp, metcalf, AB, Landry as my WR core.

This is the same owner who traded me his CMC for my Aaron Jones and Brandin Cooks, these last couple trades he’s sent me just has me feeling like he wants more for the CMC trade, The one before this was
Josh Allen, Mike Davis, and juju for Lockett and Montgomery
I like streaming QBs till I find a good one so no qb trade would be able to sway me and I dont trust Davis with Scoredarell Patterson down there.

Even this Kittle trade, I feel like Godwin going with Lockett makes this more favorable for him.

I personally would want more for those two. Trying not to overreact early but am definitely a little concerned about Kittle.

I havent watched any of their games so Im not really sure. I was banking on the idea that he’ll PROBABLY bounce back but even if he does I still feel like im getting the shaft