Kittle For King Henry trade

I’m trying to aquire D. Henry. The owner counter my initial offer with Kittle for Henry. Kittle my only TE on my roster.

Should I make the move and either play the waiver TE game or try and make another move to trade for a TE.

My roster currently:
RBs: CMC, Sanders, Hunt, Taylor, Gibson, Gaskins
WRs: Golladay, AJ Brown, Godwin, McLaurin, Moore, Claypool

I would not do that. You have elite players at every position. I would hold on to the team you have. If you need a QB, maybe trade a lower-end guy for one, even though I usually never suggest trading FOR a QB, but you don’t really have a weakness. That’s a championship team as it sits.

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Bump please

Same as @Branhammer

Thanks for the advice everyone. Really appreciate it.

Lol, stop trying to acquire all the runningbacks in the league

You are stacked

Name me a better way to win the Championship! Hahaha Its a family league with my in-laws so it’s personal

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