Kittle for Kupp?

Just made the trade. I have Burton. Half PPR.

Did I win this trade?

You gave up Kittle for Kupp? Or you gave up Kupp for Kittle? Either way I’m on the side of whoever got Kupp haha so that’s the winner for sure.

Haha whoops yeah I got Kupp back, gave up Kittle. I thought I won the poop out of the trade but classically has second thoughts about it after I completed it.

TE struggles are real when that’s a trade that can be made.

He’s out a couple weeks but Kupp for suuuuure is the end of the trade I’d want to be on.
I’m just lucky enough to have both.

What does that leave you with for TE?

I have Burton - so it’s not ideal but I’d rather have Kupp. I also have Mikey Thomas, Keenan Allen, and Kenny G, as well as Kamara and David Johnson (2 keeper league). 4-2, so just gotta make the playoffs and I got a shot.

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Yeah I still would have done that as well.
Kupp is a great pickup. I think a lot of people dropped his value because two weeks of injury in a row.
But when he’s back full strength. He’s a machine for Fantasy.