Kittle for Newton, Mostert & Jefferson

I’ve needed another starting RB after losing Barkley for the season. I have an offer, there giving up Cam Newton, Mostert & Jefferson and they want George Kittle. My QB’s are Joe Burrow and Drew Brees. My RB’s are Todd Gurley, Myles Gaskin, Darrell Henderson, Josh Kelley, and Alexander Mattison. (two RB league) My other TE is Travis Kelce, so not super worried about losing Kittle. My receivers are not the best but Kupp, Beckham, Gage, Jones Jr., N’keal Harry, and just picked up Renfrow. I’m on the fence because I might be able to get more for Kittle and not sure how Mostert would do once he is back.

How on earth did you bag Kittle and Kelce on the same team haha. But if you need RB depth, maybe try and squeeze 2 out of him instead of Cam and Jefferson. you probably can with Kittle.

I ended up making an interesting move in my draft and drafted Kelce (2nd round) and Andrews (5th round) as trade bait since I didn’t like anyone else in the 5th round or use them both since we have flex spot. I flipped Andrews last week for Kittle, Gaskin, and Harry (I feel like I won that trade.haha), and I have enjoyed receiving trade offers for Kelce & Kittle. Most of them have been bad so far. lol

I like your idea of trying to squeeze two RBs out of someone. Maybe not this guy since he only has Cooks and Mostert (the other two are scrubs).