Kittle injury - TE streamer

Highly questionable that Kittle suits up this Thursday night.

Taysom Hill is labelled as a TE in my league. Would you start him, Jack Doyle, or Daulton Shultz?

Kittle has been updated and is gone for the year now unfortunately.

Nothing else available like Logan Thomas, Ebron, or Trey Burton?

Unfortunate is an understatement :cry:

Yeah Logan Thomas is there. Thinking it’s between him and Daulton Shultz.

I’m on the same boat. I tried Dalton Shultz but he let me down so many times. I’m thinking Logan Thomas or perhaps trading from Gronk.

I offered Chark to 3 different teams - trying to acquire Hockenson, Mark Andrews, or Waller - i doubt anyone will bite.

Decided I’m picking up Logan Thomas even though I’m not thrilled with 4 targets in each of the past two games.

Definitely picking up Austin Hooper to stash.