Kittle on waivers!

Someone just dropped him off, and I don’t have another clear drop to grab him. That leaves me with ditching Kyle Rudolph…which one ROS in full PPR? I’ve been hearing about Kittle but haven’t been able to watch much yet.

I’d rather keep Rudolph.

In any form of ppr would ratger kittle. Hes the maonntarget for.jimmy g and rudolph is td or bust tbh. He had 1 saving drive last week otherwise would have sucked

*Edited to add full PPR

Does that stay true when Marquise is healthy?

I still think Rudolph. It’s difficult for sure, and Kittle could break out like everyone expects him to. But he could also be very average. Rudolph at least is assuredly above average, and gets a nice boost being on perhaps the most well-rounded team in the NFL with a QB now who has a proven affinity for TE’s (Jordan Reed and Cousins were a deadly combo when Reed was healthy). You aren’t incorrect either way. I just think the better argument overall can be made for Rudolph, especially when you’re talking about the entire season.

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Depends what you’d rather. Lock up 5-6 points with td upside or play the rudolph game of 2 points or 12 points depending on if he gets a td or drive with him as focus. Suffers from too many mouths to feed. Kittle doesn’t have the same quality of competition

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The mouths to feed issue is def a valid point.

But we’re all def getting really excited about Kittle based on one game. I mean, I’ve been telling people to start Kittle everywhere. But not when Rudolph is around. Is Kittle more well-known than my understanding? Idk how we all got so excited about him other than his one big game. Did he have a good run of games when Jimmy G took over at QB for SF last season or something like that?

I think it’s based on Andy and the guys watching his footage in preseason and the strength of routes up til now. They’re saying he looks like a possible stud. It would definitely be nice to have more of a sample.

I’m also STILL confused about my league’s waiver setup. I guess he’s not available until the usual Wednesday morning. I thought that was just when players are locked because they’ve already played for the week. Looks like I’ll get to see one more game from each, and then deal with others trying to pick him up anyway.