Kittle or Engram ROS?

Looking to make a move to trade for a TE - would you target Kittle or Engram for a reliable weekly play?
Standard scoring.

Pretty even. Kittle is cheaper so i’d probably go for him.

Price is the same either way - the team who owns both Kittle and Engram has no real need but is a big Pats fan, so was considering offering Edelman.

Extra option is to target Burton.

Kittle, Less competition for targets with arguably a better QB.

It’s still Kittle for me, the way they used him and his target share are both better than the other two. Burton is closer than Engram for me. Engram has OBJ, Barkley and Shepard all in front of him for targets. Kittle without Goodwin might be the #1 option there.

Neither for me. If I’m trading for a TE it’s going to be Ertz, Gronk, or Kelce personally. Other than that I would rather stream honestly. Kittle will be cheaper. Engram is far and away a better athlete, but that doesn’t always relate into points.

Engram, Burton, Kittle for me in that order

Engram for me. He had 2 big plays called by on offensive line fouls. dropped a few passes and has the ability to take a 5 yard pass to the house with flat out speed. Also with all the star power on NYG he has the ability to get favorable matchup’s. You gotta watch OBJ, Barkley outta the back field, Shep. I think Engram has a higher ceiling.

I have a couple trade offers in now to land me a more reliable TE (since Walker was on my team and Ebron was my backup).

Edelman and Powell for Cooper and Kittle (though I could try to swap that to Engram)
Ebron for Burton (hoping the Burton owner gets scared off from week 1)
Ebron and R. Anderson for Kelce (obviously a terrible offer, but maybe gets the ball rolling :slight_smile:)

Which/any of these you would push harder on?

The third offer wont get the ball rolling, more likely it will offend them unless they’re either tilting on Kelce or inexperienced. I would bet a similar thing will happen with the second offer. The first one could be interesting and definitely has the best chance of getting a response. Like I said before I would put my money on Kittle over Engram but go for whichever you like to watch and would like to see on your team. Those two could probably be debated forever and you’ll never know the real answer until at the end of the year.

Yeah, fully aware that #3 is more of an offensive/troll offer :slight_smile:

I see Kittle perhaps being the weaker TE but maybe in the better target position while Engram is the better TE but in more of a pass share with the talent around him.

Would a straight Edelman for Kittle offer be even?