Kittle or hooper?!?

Can’t pick on which TE for this weekend. Kittle v Chicago or hooper v Carolina??

I’m guessing the obvious reason for wanting to sit Kittle is because of Chicago D (which is where I am at). I have Evan Engram who I was contemplating starting instead of Kittle. After alot of stressful reading and looking at the stats, the question becomes “do you want to be the guy that sits Kittle when he has a great game?” Yes the bears D is amazing, but coach Shanahan is so damn good at scheming. I truly believe in the fact that if the bears will be able to pressure the QB consistently which leaves the quick dump to the flats as the main option. If Kittle has shown us anything its that he can take a small catch and turn it into a long play. Since week 11 the panthers have allowed nearly as little to the TE position as the bears which to me seems that you would want to go with the TE that has bigger upside which is definitely Kittle. I hope this helps, good luck.

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I’d stick with Kittle