Kittle or Samuels at Te?

I know Kittle is a G, but he’s playing that bears D. Samuels Is inside and a Rb. No Connar playing. What to do? I have a star studded team and might be over thinking it, Mahommes, cmc, Kamara, M.Thomas, Juju, Dalvin (flex), Crosby and Tenn D. Any advice from the foot clan is appreciated!

Hey ICrook,
IKittle is a great TE, but i would still go with Samuels. As an RB he should get more touches then Gittle which gives him more opportunity . Kittle could have a good game, but I feel strongly that Samuels has the safer floor and the best upside. Though choice either way, but I have leaned on my running backs this year and having the ability to place another RB on your team is great. I have Samuels as my TE with Conner being out, he should have a good game . Go with either, sounds like you have a W on your hands either way.

Good luck

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I think I’m rolling with Samuels for the same reason you said, better floor. I appreciate your advice!