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Kittle pick up


Im in need of RB depth but looking to pick up Kittle off of waiver to play over Burton. Do I drop Brieta? I have David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Royce Freeman, Rashad Penny and Jamaal Williams.


I think I would drop penny over brieda


It’s a keeper league if it makes any difference


That is a hard one then


Really just if you think you have a good chance at winning it all this year or not


I figure, I’m not gonna play brieta this week against Min. So I’ll tak a chance and try and get him back the following week


Yea I guess that’s all you can do.
I think he’s just a bench clogger anyway.


Yes. I would drop Kittle for Breida in a heart beat. I don’t think your RB situation is bad at all. You have plenty of depth.