Kittle replacement?

With Kittle now being listed as doubtful, I picked up his back up when he was still listed a questionable. Who should I pick up to play in place of Kittle? I’m 8-1 in a full PPR league.

Options on the waiver wire include E. Ebron, J. Doyle, O. Howard, K. Rudolph, and V. McDonald.

I’m rolling with Doyle in one league, but Ebron could be the squeaking wheel that gets the grease.

I’m tempted for Doyle, but those shared snaps are bad and make them touchdown dependent and the lolphons looked better last week (I know they played the jets but come on) so I’m going with Howard coming off injury well rested freak athlete looking to finally have a breakout game this season against the single worst TE defense in the league.

Hit attention has been low by the QB, but Arians said it’s nothing to do with him, he’s doing a fantastic job blocking they just throw to where the defense isn’t, but guess where the defense won’t be this game.

I’m the #2 team playing the #1 this week so I need those big points, hoping for like 6 targets at least and at least a touchdown, while Doyle can hope for 4 targets at most and had like less than 20 yards last week IIRC

Rolling gesicki. Indy is hit or miss with TE and oj is on a team that doesn’t throw to the TE.