Kittle+Thielen for Bell

Title says it all. Current bell owner just acquired him via trade, but had AB as his WR1/2. Obv with the news of his release he’s looking to flip bell to fill the WR hole he’s in.

I have Waller as well and offered him Waller+Woods/Thielen/Hollywood for Bell, and he’s countered with Kittle and Thielen.

Wondering if I’m overpaying? Do you think Waller will suffice as TE1 for rest of season? Wanted to hear y’alls thoughts.

What’s your RB situation

Sorry here is my roster

12 team full ppr

Qb: Watson, Brisset
RB: Barkley, Jones, mostert, mattinson
WR:Woods, Thielen, Hollywood, Kirk, Moore, Goodwin
TE:Kittle, Waller

Only carrying 2 QBs cuz there’s no one really worth rostering on waivers, Bridget and Goodwin are my 2 drop candidates if I need anything

Bumping to the top

I don’t do the trade because it hurts your teams depth, in my opinion your not that strong in wide receiver if you got rid of theilen!

How are we all feeling about this trade after today’s day? Currently own Waller as well

I think Waller is somebody you could roll out weekly as he’s proving to have a huge floor through these first 3 weeks in an offense that will always be throwing the ball.

I have Kelce and Waller in my league and am now looking to flip Kelce for a top talent so i can roll with Waller

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Feeling good about Waller ROS after last night. However Bell owner specifically requesting Thielen with Kittle.

Is this a good trade? I was also the Barkley owner.

Do it. Thielen isn’t even getting that many receptions.