Kittle trade in dynasty need advice!

I am being offered Lamar Jackson and 2 first round picks for George kittle.
2 QB Dynasty league (I have luck and he retired)
4pt per passing touchdown. And I have Evan Engram to back up kittle right now.

Please help my current QBs are Flacco and Arod.

You lucked out having Engram cuz that is one of the only reasons why i think you can accept this.

You lose a STUD in Kittle, like has the potential to be 1-2 overall for the position, but you gain a QB that has pretty safe production with the potential to do more. Engram will be top 7 i think, and is young and will be around for years to come. Flacco and Arod are both aging, you could definately use some youth in that department.

Plus 2 first round picks means you could potentially get a stud next year with 3 picks (including your own) in the rookie draft.