Kittle trade

12 team .5 ppr dynasty I was offered Trubisky, Jared cook, and 2 third rounders for kittle. My qbs are Watson and Brady, tight ends are gronk and hurst. Good deal?

I would not take this deal. Kittle has a ton of value in TE class with not much value, so he provides a big advantage. I am not confident in Gronk even returning this year, so to truly rely on Cook and Hurst would be very difficult. Plus given your current QB situation, you do not need a new QB. Watson is top 3 dynasty QB in my opinion, and having Brady as a back up is very solid. Would take a lot more for me to deal Kittle.

I was more trying to establish qb with Watson’s injury history and Brady potentially retiring soon. That way I can reserve picks for other positions

I am with the great samino. Who are you gonna drop for the 2 3th rounders, i almost never use them?

Plus look in the FA poul in your league maybe there is one qb available, Josh allen, lamar jackson? Maybe even draft a rookie QB your fine for now with watson.

And kittle is gonna be awesome for alot more years.

That said we dont know what you have to start in your league.

In 1QB? No thanks. You’re taking a decent hit at TE to gain some bench players

So the only qb really available is peterman lol. And I would drop Patrick Cooper and probably jake butt. But That’s what I’m thinking, he offfered to swap a 3rd for a 2nd round and add packers d to the trade now too lol. Just 1 qb league 1 flex

How big are the squads then if you have those players rostered?

30 roster spots. I took over an already established team

Still it is kittle man! I would take a shot at draft Kyler murray or something. I wouldnt do it.

Cool thanks guys!

I agree with the others, I’d rather be on the little side of the offer. I think you should stick with what you have and wait on other qb becoming available or breaking through in the season.

You could always trade a pick or two for a guy like Jameis Winston or Dak Prescott. Some people will most likely undervalue them.