Kittle+Woods for Kelce?

Hello Experts,
one last question from a beginner:
Already traded nearly my whole bench to get the best possible starters for the playoffs.
Just Woods and an injured Melvin Gordon are my meaningful backup players.
The owner of Kelce obviously need a WR. Should I offer him the trade? In this case I will be ‘all in’ with no one on the bench. Too risky?
Standard - Playoffs 15-17
Elliot / Kamara / Mixon / M. Gordon
M. Thomas / J. Jones / Woods
What would you do? Thanks a lot for your advice.

who else do you have at receiver?
Kittle is a top tier te.
i think you are both giving up too much here, as well as hurting your depth.

Courtland Sutton is on my rooster…
Thank you.

Good morning everyone,
what about a trade my Kittle and Woods for his Kelce and D.J. Moore?
My WR-Corps than:
Moore instead of Woods
Thank you very much.

Don’t bother with this trade. Kittle is still a TE1. keep your receiver depth.
You are giving a TE1 and WR1 for a TE1 and a lottery ticket

I say go for it. I think you’re slightly overpaying for Kelce, but at this point in the season I’m all for sacrificing depth for starters. Go all in on your lineup and barring injury you’ll have a stacked team. The injury issues are the gamble, but I did the same as this. I only have handcuffs on my bench in case of injury at this point.

Kelce is a huge upgrade from Kittle because he has arguably the second highest floor to Ertz and the highest ceiling by far. What other tight ends can go for 160 and 2 touchdowns? And with Hunt gone, I’d expect a lot more big games from Kelce.

Good evening,
thank you for your advice.
Made the deal. Due to the Sanders Injury I had the chance to get D. Adams for Sutton, C. Samuel and J.Adams.
My WR-Corps is now filled with Thomas, Jones, Adams and Moore and I have Kelce on top. NIce day, but in week 16 I will be lose anyway. :frowning:
Thank you.