KJ Hamler prospects

Is it just me, or is anyone else just not sold on Hamler? I have never thought during his collegiate career that he will be a truly special receiver. And being on the Broncos, with Sutton, Jeudy, Fant, and even Gordon, I am not sold he will have much of a chance to do much for a while. I am passing on him in all my mocks, and will not draft him in either dynasty or redraft. What say you?

Yeah there’s a lot of competition for targets there. I’m assuming the broncos will be passing the b-ball a lot tho. And they used a 2nd Round Pick on hamler too. I drafted him in the 4th round of my rookie draft solely based on that reason. They must have plans for him if he was drafted that high.

I agree I am passing on Hamler too same as Ceedee Lamb (Reagor Mims, Pittman Jnr, Ruggs, Justin Jefferson all better draft options) additional to Sutton, Fant, Jeudy , Gordon and Lindsay (going to be more involved in passing game) you have Tim Patrick and DeSean Hamilton both young and a prove it year this season so plenty of players to share targets with (great for real life football to spread offense not great for fantasy!)

UncleRico, our rookie draft is only 3 rounds. If I went to a 4th, I would consider him. But in my mocks with 12 teams, he almost always gets drafted. Great for me, there are a number of other players in that area that I prefer!

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Interesting take Patsnation. I actually think I like Lamb better than any other WR option in the rookie class. Based partly on the QB he gets, the scheme he will work in, and the availability of targets. He walks in as the #3 WR on the team, with a realistic chance to move up to #2 by the end of season. What makes you rank Lamb lower?

Similiar to Claypool will defo be WR3 (can also include Tee Higgins in this category too) so risk to expect an instat fantasy hit unless stashing in dyntasy ready for next year.

Lamb with Cooper and Gallup getting 100+ targets and Jarwin getting more snaps will get a max of 50-60 targets (40-45 receptions) in my estimations.

Pittman Jnr at colts will be pushed by Parris Campbell and Zach Pascal but will be beat them out for WR2 status (with Parris Campbell being WR4 by mid season) TY Hilton will return to his normal form next year and be a 1,000 + yard receiver again.

Justin Jefferson will beat out Bisi Johnson as WR2 no competition there

Reagor will be WR2 for now (depending on Jeffrey injury status could be WR1) with Greg Ward Jnr and Arcega White battling out for WR3 but having the best TE duo of Ertz and Goedart will see 180+ targets combined mean only Reagor and Jeffrey fantasy options for now.

Ruggs will be WR2B with Hunter Renfrow (WR2A), with Tyree Williams WR1 for now. Nelson Agholor with less drops could be WR3 and I think Bryan Edwards will see limited time this season but by next year WR2/3 when Tyree Williams traded or released by start of next season. The TE combo of Waller/Moreau and Witten will see plenty of receptions with Waller and Moreau a larger share of snaps but Witten getting more TD’s)

Mims at Jets will be WR2 behind Crowder, Perriman will be WR3A and Josh Doctson WRB. My only issue is that targets will be evenly spread so can see a small difference between Crowder, Mims and Perriman limiting their fantasy ceiling. Le’veon Bell will have a better year so high on drafting him 4/5th round in August.

I would consider Aiyuk (will have to beat Kendrick Bourne for WR2), Shenault Jnr (if he beats out Westbrook), Justin Jefferson (if he beats out Josh Reynolds) or Devin Duvernay (if Snead or Boykins don’t have great starts to the season and becomes WR1 behind Hollywood Brown)

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Yes there are a lot of better prospects available than Hamler. If he doesn’t get drafted at all, you could potentially pick him up as a FA depending on who you have to drop. He has upside imo.

Well thought out, but I am considering Lamb more for next year and beyond. I agree with your take on Pittman especially. Edwards is another one I am not high on…for the same reason you mention.

Lamb, Aiyuk, Shenault Jnr , Tee Higgins, and Van Jefferson would be the best pick ups this year in dynasty ready of next year.

Gabriel Davis, James Proche, Devin Duvernay, Chase Claypool, KJ Hill and Tyler Johnson i will decide depending on snaps this year. KJ Hill I think could have a good season but dependent on Mike Williams target and snaps, same with Chase Claypool but steelers seem to have faith in Dionate Johnson and James Washington to step up as well as having strong TE corp in Ebron and McDonald, rumours of trading/not resigning Juju for 2021/2022 season means I might have to decide by mid season. Gabriel Davis, outside of Diggs and Brown will see limited play but could have big YAC’s after catch and get 3-4 TDS so little fantasy unless a long term injury occurs.