KJ or Carson for Njoku

I have a pretty deep RB stable in Barkley, Hunt, Yeldon, Carson, AJ and KJ

Also have Burton but feel like getting in on Kjoku before he explodes (probably this weekend). The Njoku owner would trade for either KJ or Carson. I’d probably want to move KJ over Carson based on volume alone.

My fear is Yeldon is a temp so if I make this trade I’m in effect losing two RBs once Fournette returns.

I’ve searched the league for an opponent to move Burton for a RB and don’t see a legit option.

What are your thoughts? Just roll with Burton?

Move Carson keep the upside of KJ. Who the hell knows what the RB situation is going to be in Sea in 3 weeks from now

I wouldn’t trade starting RBs for TEs unless they’re studs. That’s probably why no one in your league is willing to trade and RB for burton. That and cause Burton isn’t that good. Pretty overrated.

Mike your post confuses me. You’re telling me I have a bad TE but also saying to not trade my RBs for one. Here is a thought: trade Yeldon for him. The trade won’t go through until next week so I’d only lose a game or two from him.

I’m saying generally, you don’t want to trade productive starting RB2+ for TEs who aren’t studs / every week starters. I like Njoku a lot but there’s still a lot of risk involved. So doesn’t make too much sense to give up a starting RB for them, you should be getting more than just a mid to low end TE1.

Separately, I’m saying Burton isn’t that good / reliable. He isn’t getting enough usage 5 games in and hasn’t really shown me much to want to own him. He’s trading on name value alone right now and a cool nick name given by the ballers. Not actual production.

Those 2 things can both be true. If you’re going to give up an RB, maybe package it together and get a better TE.

I understand. Another option is to drop A Callaway for OJ, Brate, or Uzomah (however I have Boyd too).

I would get OJ Howard. I think he can be just as good as Njoku ROS once he becomes healthy. own him myself in the leagues I don’t have gronk.

I agree with above here

I’d acrually go brate. Look through the past few years and brate has been Winston’s best friend, especially in the red zone, and some of that came with OJ there too. You can’t replace chemistry, and I think brate will be more productive than OJ the rest of the season

Well you have to account for changes. OJ Howard only joined the team last year as a rookie. Towards the end of the year, was already taking over, is way more talented, and was developing good chem. Brate started off hot last year but was a non-factor late into the season. Even beginning of this year, the way the OC is using Howard is way more encouraging. He’s outsnapping brate by about 2.5 to 1 before his injury. Is getting lined up everywhere and being targeted all over the field. Can take a short pass to the house,can catch deep, catch short, catch intermediate. He’s the future, its why they used a 1st round pick on him and he is playing to that talent level.

With brate, you’re looking at a TD or bust. With Howard, he can offer you pretty steady points regardless of TDs.

I do recognize the connection Brate has had with Winston to the past but that was mostly without Howard. With Howard on the team, he has been much less of a factor. Especially now with Howard having 1 year of experience in the offense as it typically takes rookie TEs longer to develop.

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OJ added. Thanks for input everyone. You saved me a RB.

Your free pick is paying off huge. Dude is everywhere on the field. OJ Howard is a beast. Brate is a TD or bust.

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Thanks so much Mike. Excited to have oj on roster