Knox or Thomas full ppr

(Skip to middle paragraph for question, the rest is just me complaining)
Playing in the most important regular season game for the season this week. This commissioner has gotten his friend who hasn’t played fantasy before to trade him Ekeler and Joe mixon the latter of which he flipped into Aaron jones after the Jones injury. He already had John Taylor, Kareem Hunt. Oh and did I mention he traded Zach Pascal for Josh Allen earlier in the year cause the Allen owner had Tom Brady and didn’t need two QB’s. Needless to say I think he has some really shady dealings. Going so far as changing rules to try to push a trade through before the Thursday night players locked for the week and then once that was a fruitless endeavor he changed the rules back to a 2 day voting period on trades (after I told him he should just get rid of the voting process altogether). His team is just scary as he’s traderaped everyone and just laughs about it when anyone accuses him.

I could rant about this all day I just realized so I’ll get into my question instead
Dawson Knox vs NE on Monday, or Logan Thomas vs the Raiders? I worry with NE being stupid good against TE’s this year that he’s gonna put up a dud but If he doesn’t and Josh Allen has a crazy game against me I’d like to have Knox in to try to abate some of the damage Allen can do to me.

Oh, did I mention, he has Diggs too. I’ve legit never seen a team this scary in a 10 team league before. His players of note are
Allen, Ekeler, Taylor, Diggs, Metcalf, Gronk, Pitts,(Bench)Hunt, Jones, Deebo, Pats D
1QB 2RB,WR, 1 TE 1 flex
For context My team looks something like this
Stafford, Patterson, Jamaal Williams, Kupp, Chase, Knox, Mooney (Bench) AP, obj, CEH, Miles sanders, CMC, AB.
Im gonna have to see him in the playoffs it’s just a question of do we play first round or do we both make it to the championship.

So yea, Knox, or Logan Thomas at TE full ppr

As much as I like Knox, in a full PPR, Thomas will get more targets than Knox will.

Knox has only 2 games above 5 targets this year.