Krampus or Hyde?

I have Howard, Michel, Cook, Breida, Hyde, and Doug Martin. With 3 guys being out (Michel, Cook, and Breida) i’m forced between a rock and a hard place. My league emphasizes touchdowns (8 points per TD and one point per 15 yards rather than 10) so who do you think has more TD upside between Martin and Hyde?
I am 50/50 on this since both teams offense are not doing well. Jacksonville is the worst offense in the league the past few weeks and in Oakland Carr can’t throw more than 5 yards down field which won’t help the running game at all. I’m curious about your opinions and thoughts on these players in this situation. Thanks for looking

I guess Hyde. With little confidence. Would rather start Mostert honestly if possible

I wish I could but I am at the bench limit for RBs. Michel and Cook are forcing me to be close or at the limit from the start of the season.

Gotcha. Check on Hyde later this weekend if he is not talker sbou as up to speed at all then Martin I’d say