K's and the QB's who get them there

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So earlier this week I was looking around the K landscape to see if there was an upgrade for me at the position (had Elliot at the time) Low and behold I saw Joey Slye (CAR) atop the leader board with 28pts so I grabbed him. Later that day, Cam popped up on the injury report which made me wonder. Now Cam has been terrible in the first 2 weeks so having a healthy Kyle Allen may not necessarily be a downgrade for the Panthers under center. But It did lead me to do a bit of research on the correlation on the two positions. Of course I found the usual Vegas line info and wanting K attached to high powered offense but nothing really about K’s and their #2 QB’s. So I thought I’d start this thread and see if anybody wanted to chime in.
Best of luck in week 3!

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4th and 20

I had Will Lutz, but after Brees’ injury his value has dropped (according to the footballers rankings and other podcasters). I decided to drop him and pick up Robbie Gould this week because he was the best available. I don’t have confidence in Teddy B driving the offense down often enough to keep Will Lutz a top K option. What do you think?

I think this is def in line with my post. With NO like CAR, you have a great supporting cast even more so In NO imho. CMC and Kamara are neck and neck RB 1s every week. When Cam was bad last year CMC went off. We havent seen this in NO yet but those guys are gonna move the ball; I can also see them not being able to finish drives to the goal line and present Lutz with opportunities and I can see them stacking the box and forcing Teddy to beat them. I think Gould is a great K, lost to him 2 years ago in championship game. The guy I was playing picked him off waivers rt b4 the game. SMH