Kupp and Ajayi for mixon

Is there any world that you all see me trading Cooper Kupp and Jay Ajayi for joe mixon happening? Or is this a reach. I was considering targeting Kareem hunt which this guy also owns.

I don’t think you’d be able to get Mixon or Hunt with that offer, but you never know unless you ask. Probably a better chance of getting Hunt after his performance on Sunday. Maybe the owner tilt trades him. I doubt it though

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Lol. Just lol.

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It indeed, would be hilarious.

I just got Fournette for Ajayi and Cooper Kupp… how about that LOL

I’d rather have Mixon. But that is still just absolutely laughable. How do I get an invite to your league?

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when the notification popped up…

My current roster
Deshaun Watson
Jordan Howard
Leonard Fournette
Antonio brown
Tyreek Hill


Only start 7 and 4 on the bench
Aaron jones
Jamal Williams.

How much fab should I spend on yeldon? I have 150 for the year.

As a fournette owner, I would overspend to make sure you get it. If I was a non fournette owner, i’d spend like 12-15. As a fournette owner, 25-30% is more than appropriate.

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Like 41/150 fab?

25-30%…cmon bro, I know you can multiply.