Kupp and Hines for HOpkins? URGENT!

I got offered Hopkins for Kupp and Hines! 12man PPR

Is this a win for me? or am i giving up too much. Hines is riding my bench with Najee and a.jones with only Dillon and j.White on my bench. and i have ceedee, corey davis, kirk, agholor, pittman as my WRs with MT in my IR.

I got kyler murray if that makes any difference.

I like Hopkins better than Kupp personally I think Hopkins is just one of the most talented WR’s I’ve ever seen and I feel an upgrade, having Kyler you’ll stack td’s so thats kind of a nice side effect. I have them both and I can tell you hopkins will never see my bench but kupp was there last week

kupp was benched? who did you have play over him??

Im just afraid if i give away hines, my only backup would be white. Dillon is my handcuff.

Hopkins kupp godwin AB cooks and lockett. I have too many options.
I see your concern and now that im thinking about rb is pretty thin. my original thought process was that Hines is behind Taylor so who cares. doubtful but maybe you have someone on the waiver wire to replace him? I got a couple sitting on mine that I wouldnt mind grabbing like mark ingram or david johnson, hell I like hyde but idk how hes gonna do this year