Kupp and/or Cooks

I have both Cooper Kupp and Brandin Cooks in my team. Would it be wise to put both in my lineup? Full PPR

I’m playing both and gurley sooo lets cross our fingers lol

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Lol! That’s my fear. I thought of picking up Goff from the waiver wire, but I would be on pins and needles the entire game. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

I’d trade Kupp. Can probably get a pretty great WR/RB piece and diversify your team. Cooks ROS is going to crush.

Well I have David Johnson, Carlos Hyde, Aaron Jones, Dion Lewis, Austin Ekelar and McCoy. So I’m not doing great but I’m not hurting. Who would be a good trade for?

It would be perfectly fine to play both of them. not saying that is what you should do since i don’t know your other wr’s, but just that it would not be unwise to play them both.

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Well I also have Jon brown

Play them. Both are gadgets but probably the best of the best. What I always hated about Cooks, he is the poster child for PI for some reason. Seems like it gets called on him every game. Why I do not know, maybe the speed. Kupp none of that going on.

After the way this years been going with the RAMS, it’s NEVER wrong to play any and all of their offense. We saw that last week. Anybody that had a RAMS offense player killed it!!! Could change at any point in the season…but…don’t see it happening this week. LOL…I was one that stupidly sat KUPP two weeks in a row. Apparently I was one that caught that weird contagious bug that swept across the country and even part of the rest of the world. THAT DADGUMMED COOPER STUPOR!!! THAT ain’t happening again anytime soon!!! LOLOL

Where do you see Kupp at the end of the year? Top 12? Top 15?

Top 15 sounds about right. Those are the only names i can think of I would want ahead of him. I’m thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of like just under 1k yards and 10 TDs.

Me tooo!!! I drafted him in the 16th round!! So of course he’ was benched. I think I’ve learned my lesson. Lol

Yeah @MandyH…week before last I wanted to hold off and just see how much usage he got and how he handled it. Then last week I figured Min was gonna be out for blood to make up for letting Buf kick their butts and most likely had Kupp towards the top of their HIT LIST after his previous week performance.

Ahh…such is the nature of THIS beast. We live and hopefully learn from our mistakes. Or at least one of such magnitude anyway. LOL :smirk: