Kupp, Cooper or AJ Brown

Not sure who to sit. I get that Kupp and Cooper and probably both more talented receivers but Kupps snaps and targets have gone down. Cooper keeps having knee issues and targets seemed to have gone down as well, and has a tough matchup this week. Brown has a very good matchup and playing with a QB that’s completing 70% of his passes.

I’d go Brown

Even with the upside he has? And risk with Cooper and Kupp?

I would sink with the ship. Live and die by your studs.

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Yeah I usually go by that as well but those two have had weeks where they’ve absolutely killed me. AMD brown has such a good matchup this week.

Also Mostert or Lindsay?

Goff or Manning?

Mostert over Lindsay and Manning over Goff for me

Whys that? Because Goff has been a stud for me most of the season and Lindsay has been the more consistent back

My thinking on Mostert is he is now the RB1 for the niners. I think he is too hot to sit. As for Goff/Eli, I am not a fan of either one in general, but if we are looking as a one week play, I think that Miami matchup is too juicy

Yeah I agree with you, that’s why I’m considering starting brown. Because Houston made drew lock look like a stud and Tannehill is a much better QB so brown should have a huge game

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