Kupp && DJ for Kamara

Would you do Kupp and DJ for Kamara?

Who is DJ? Desean Jackson? DJ Moore? and if it is either of these two then don’t bother. I wouldn’t trade kamara for 1000 Cooper Kupps

David Johnson

And im trying to GET Kamara

Aaaahh okay, Sure man, shoot your shot, but unless this guy is desperate for an WR2 then I doubt he’ll want to downgrade from the highest scoring RB in the league. You’re going to have sweeten the deal if you have him to bite.

He offered that to me lol… take it and run?

Also said he would do that for CMC… Kamara is the obvious choice though, right?

Yeah I’d take that all day. He’s probably shook that Kamara didn’t play much on monday night, and Ingram is going to take away snaps. But he has a right to… the redskins arent the best defense but Ingram showed up in a big way. That duo is going to be a two headed monster. I think Kamara will be involved in the passing game more, but I have no idea who will be favored in goal to go situations. Just know that there are going to be some weeks where Kamara goes off and Ingram watches, and visa versa.

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Take it unless Kupp is main WR of yours. Kupp will be great ROS also. Kamara will continue to produce though in an offense much more predictable than Arizona’s with DJ.

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Ill struggle a little at WR now but thought itwas worth it in the end. Just got Jarvis today and will have to work on getting another but overall happy with it.