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Kupp dropped in my FAAB League


16 Team PPR League, Huge Rosters (QB/2RB/3WR/TE/4FLX)/

Added Kupp off waivers and spent $65 of my $200 FAB on him - thoughts? Too much?


Worth it, especially in a deep, 3 WR league. As long as he comes back. He was tearing it up pre-injury.


This far in to the season to get a player like that, seems like a good deal.


Great move.

Insane someone would drop him in a league with rosters that big. With that many players on a team, I’d imagine Kupp was way more valuable than the next best WR available.


yeah, and we have 2 IR spots so it was puzzling, to say the least. 5-1 my team is but with only $10 left in FAAB for the season, i was just worried I might have overspent and was in a “too good to be true” scenario. But this all reaffirms my thought process! thanks all!


Totally good move, agree with those above


Great move, would love to have him on my team, especially in such a deep league like that.