Kupp for Hopkins/Julio/OBJ?

I heard an interesting segment on the podcast today about this… would you guys really take Kupp 1 for 1 for any of these 3 big names? These are 1st round draft pick WRs…

I’m a Hopkins owner and I floated the idea by the Kupp owner, and they seem interested. Is this a mistake?

Half PPR League.

Kupp was top 5 when he got hurt last year. This is who he is, no fluke. Top target in a pass heavy offense. I would have a hard time giving up Hopkins and Julio(again dealing with a hip issue) but OBJ will be inconsistent all year because of Kitchens and Baker. I think Kupp is a lateral move from DHop, Julio.

Hopkins being my first pick has been hurting me at WR. I’ve got Shepherd, and Kirk, and just picked up Fuller so I’m needing some points here which is why I was considering this.

It’s just a tough pill to swallow I find, given Hopkins big name value…

I like Kupp over the others…I may have Godwin at #2… but it might just be my bias.

I really think I can get kupp for Hopkins… I’m 3-2 and have been squeaking by the last few weeks

I’m worried this will blow up in my face lol

I think if u really want to improve your team, you need to get 2 for 1 which means u need to find someone other than Kupp. You could probably get a low end WR1 and an RB2. I would go after Evans and another WR or RB.