Kupp for Josh Gordon?

I give up Gordon and get Kupp in return? What do you guys think about the trade? I have Green, Evans, and M Thomas at WR also.

oh this is a great question, I also have this doubt. I was offered Gordon for Kupp.
I’m not sure I would trade away Kupp, he looks unstoppable when he’s playing, it seems to me he’s targeted more than Woods when he’s on the field, but that’s just my observation. I actually turned it down.

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Yeah I’d be in the opposite direction by getting Kupp lol. Wondering if he’s worth the pickup or wait for Gordon’s upside to shine through.

ah I misread that, I don’t know it’s a tough call. I’m also wondering what McVay would do if they go undefeated or have nothing to play for.

Yeah that’s also worrisome but I do have the other three receivers if need be. Is Kupp the better play ROS though?

I would think so, and that’s why I didn’t accept the trade.