Kupp for Kittle?

In my Dynasty league I have 3 TEs in Kittle, Andrews, and Waller and have been trying to trade Andrews with no success and someone offered me Kupp for Kittle. I’m very high on Kittle and think he’s the 2nd best TE in the league but think I need to get rid of one TE. Leaning towards keeping Kittle but what do you all think?

Who are your WR’s? Carries a lot of weight in the decision. I do think that Waller and Andrews are two very solid young tight ends. I wouldn’t be surprised if both finish as TE1’s

My WRs are Hopkins, Adams, Cooper, and Westbrook but not much depth after that. And it’s a 2 WR and 3 flex league.

Nope. Kittle is too good to only get Kupp. Would need a better WR in my opinion for Kittle straight up.

Ya that’s what I was leaning towards as well, for some reason no one is buying Andrews and I’m trying to sell high on him haha.