Kupp for Lindsay and D Lewis

Full ppr. Seems like a no brained to me. I’ve been struggling at RB. I know 2 for 1 trades are tough. I love Lindsay and Lewis has ppr value if Mariota gets his shtuff together. I’m 1-5 so I need wins and won’t have kupp this week anyway. What do you think based on my roster?

Any thoughts? Am I stupid for not doing this right away? I’m concerned I’m giving up a lot at WR and not gaining much at RB. Maybe I’m misreading

You can get more for kupp. Hes the clear #1 on the rams offense that is going to score alot of points every week.

That’s what I had thought but ive been shopping him since last week. Best rb offer I got was shady. I also got a Gronk offer but ppl have been backing out since Kupps injury

Then your better off holding him. You cant give a talent like that up for pennys. Or you package him with Hines for something Usually people want an rb in return when trading a rb for a wr