Kupp for lynch

I have kamara, CMC, Sony michel, Ingram and Lynch. WR’s Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Corey Davis, Cobb and crowder. I want someone with potential and thought lynch for Kupp was a good upgrade if Kupp is a redzone target

How many people in your league? I think for me this trade woudl depend on the depth I could get on the open market at WR. Hard to find RB depth and you have a few weeks where you don’t know what your getting from Michel and a few weeks where you know exactly what your not getting from Ingram

Full PPR,
Also proposed trade my trey burton for Robert woods, I have Jordan Reed and Jared cook

12 team full ppr 16 man roster

Why do you have so many TE? I would try to trade Reed ASAP before he gets hurt personally

That why I need so many lol, TEs are running thin and I’ll trade them away for some positional needs

Id personally rather have Lynch. You can play Cobb or Davis for Baldwin and be fine.

They just don’t hold trade value like other positions though unless it’s Gronk. I mean Tre Burton was a big hyped guy as you are being offered Woods who is a WR3. With all that said I don’t like trading Lynch for Kupp. You’re in a deep league and RB depth is huge and you have it. Michel is unknown, but the other 4 are solid RBs. You can stream WR easier I think that RB