Kupp for Thielen and Patterson?

Half PPR the Henry owner is now desperate at rb with pollard and Booker as his starters right now hes in first place but Im sure he cant feel good right now

His roster
Pollard, Booker, Monty (IR)
Kupp, Deebo OBJ, Toney

Hes got almost no FAAB left and is going to be playing waiver guys from whatever he can get

My roster
Kamara, Mixon, D. Harris, Patterson
Keenan, Diontae, Thielen, AB, Meyers

Itd give me the WR1 that I need but would it be enough? Doesnt really feel like id be over paying if much. I could start with AB as the offer as well

Any thoughts?

Going after Kupp, you may need to use Johnson/Patterson or Allen/Patterson.

Cooper Kupp-of-Coffee is currently the WR1.

However, that doesnt mean you cant start with Thielen/Patterson.

I think Id still be fine giving any pair of them to get him. Waivers were crazy this week. Clyde and Sutton hit waivers due to some injuries and bye weeks. I landed CEH for 16 faab and Renfrow for 1 worth the shot with Ruggs out now

I think I have great depth but need actual stud guys that are every week studs

What is the starting lineup requirement for this league?

12 man
Half PPR
1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 FLX, K, D
5 man bench with a single IR

Please verify (PFR is a great resource), if I recall correctly Kamara was not great with Taysom Hill. Might look at Kamara for Kupp straight up.

I dont think Id wanna do that, the need of RBs is always way higher and im hoping to move 2 for 1 as the upgrade. Im tired of trying to decide between 4 wr that I like all of them Id like to have 1 that is just locked in weekly

Fair enough. I don’t see this league manager walking away from their only grasp on first place.

He wont have a grasp of it with Booker and Pollard starting and flexing Christian Kirk weekly but I do see the point. He has some interest, he said he knows he has to try to find a real RB