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Kupp, Funchess, or Cobb? Keeper Question


12 team 1/2 PPR league.

Can keep 1:

Kupp for a 12th round pick
Funchess for an 11th round pick
Cobb for a 7th round pick

I’m leaning Kupp.


Kupp does look nice in the 12th… but Cooks is a better down the field guy and Woods should still be involved in the short/intermediate passing game.

I know it’s probably the unpopular opinion (we’ll find out shortly) but I love Cobb this year. I know the hype is generally surrounding Davante Adams, but of the returning incumbent receivers, Cobb offers some outrageous value. Last year he and Rodgers both had injury issues, but in the games they played together Cobb was averaging WR1 numbers. Simply put, the two have fantastic chemistry, and Cobb is still only 27 years old.

Funchess is too boom or bust for my liking when you have two other options like this.

I’d keep Cobb but Kupp is a safer option as he’s not returning from an injury. Hope I didn’t confuse you lol


lol I agree I value Cobb higher than the others and has more potential imo for a huge season, however his injury concerns, and round penalty in this case compared to the others, push me away somewhat. I would also agree Kupp would seem to be the more safer option. I think Woods scares me more than Cooks honestly lol


I think Kupp will be fine despite the addition of Cooks, but his ceiling is about 100-110 targets while Cobb’s ceiling is 140 targets (not suggesting that both players will hit that ceiling, but when I’m selecting keepers, that’s what I consider a more important factor).


game script also favors Cobb in my opinion. Rams have a great defense and will want to lean on Gurley to win the time of possession battle. Green Bay does not have a great defense and last year just further demonstrated how much they live and die on Aaron Rodgers magic. The signs are there for Cobb to get a lot more work in the second half of games this season than Kupp.

Having said all that, the round value for Kupp is pretty huge though, 12th round picks are when we’re typically getting into flyer territory, so having a more proven talent there goes a long way.


It’s a valid point, and it’s also fair to mention how good Kupp was down the stretch last year as he had some of his best weeks after week 8 (granted his week 14 performance likely has his owners from last year shaking their heads).

I think if you kept Kupp in the 12th you’d be just fine; I would keep him over Funchess all day, and would consider it over Cobb despite how I feel about his potential to bounce back.


Yeah I think the main thing to take away from this thread is don’t keep Funchess, lol


haha man similar questions come out like this all the time. kinda crazy cause i just made a case for kupp in the 6th. kupp in the 12th is a no brainer for me. he has all the potential in the world to do great things. and with watkins gone, he can do even more. cooks showing up shouldnt really effect his stats all that much. in another post i mentioned his second half of the season stats. he has earned his way onto the field and into that slot roll. if you take his last 8 games and expand them, he would have ended up at 82 receptions, for 1140 yards. im not sold on him doing that, but he has that potential. and for a 12th, hell yes im taking that.


Funny indeed. I thought they were the same thread for a second and was confused with where your post had gone when I opened this one up. Monday mornings are rough lol!


I would go with Kupp. 12th round is good value, and Goff likes to throw it to him.

Nervous about Cobb. Not only is there not a lot of value keeping him in the 7th, but he also left practice Thursday and missed practice Friday due to soreness in his surgically repaired ankle.


the soreness doesn’t make me all that nervous; he was in a walking boot until recently - the team isn’t concerned at this point so neither am I. That being said, if it comes down purely to the perceived value of rnd 7 vs rnd 12, then it’s a no brainer to go Kupp. I’m a bit more of a gambler myself so I typically gamble on the ceiling rather than the floor.

I considered keeping three players before round 7 in my long running keeper league… I ended up opting for Corey Davis in the 16th over Diggs in the 6th but it wasn’t an easy decision for me lol.


lol yeah so the key thing here is don’t keep Funchess. Sounds good to me. You’re all making great points and I am definitely still leaning Kupp for the value AND potential. Cobb is intriguing but if I keep him I think I’ll be grimacing and praying for his health while I could also see another value go by in the 7th instead.