Kupp/Godwin/Hooper for ertz/edelman?

Who wins this trade? Full ppr

Tough, but I’d say whoever gets kupp, Godwin, and Hooper. The upside is high for kupp and godwin

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Yeah I’m really struggling with this, I have Edelman and ertz and I technically don’t even need a receiver but it was offered to me. You think I should do it?

Well if your good at wr 1 and wr in general I’d say hold tight. Who else you have at wr?

This is my team:
Qb- Matt Ryan
RBs- Bell, James white, Guice, Peterson, Jalen Richard, Jordan Howard (I actually need help on the rb side more)
WRS- Juju, Edelman, mike Williams, Tyrell williams, Pettis (and this league you only need to start 2 receivers not the standard 3)

Oh yeah I’d say your good at wr. Try to get a rb from him?

He’s got nothing he’s so thin he on rbs, but just cause your helping me out here I did get another offer tell me what you think:

I give Mike Williams and Guice
I get Mark Ingram Marvin Jones

That’s a more enticing offer, guice is there to be the guy in Washington, but they aren’t that good. I think I accept this offer.

I would 100% keep ertz, its so frustrating at te position.

Ingram trade looks ok i guess.

Thanks man

You think I should pull the trigger? I really love guice upside he could end up finishing around the same area as Ingram but there’s no certainty and he’s on a BAD team. What you think ?

williams > jones
Ingram > guice
±0 but i like the idea of Bell, White and Ingram.
You know what you got there.

If youre not sure wait and see how guice develops.

Kupp, Godwin, and Hooper for me no doubt.

Whoever gets Ertz wins if you ask me. So much depth at WR. Edelman is so consistent and Ertz is a top 5 if not top 3 player at a position with little depth. Giving him away and having to play Hooper each week is a big drop off.