Kupp making me nervous

This isn’t looking good for my little man!!! :sweat:

He’s fine lol

I hear ya.

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LOL @XMrWoIfx…got 1 flipping pt from him!!! NOPE…NOT FINE!!! GRRRR Caused me to lose this week. Now going 2-4!!!

Well…and with Mike Evans getting a measly 9 dadgummed pts.

LOL…I’m done.

I have him as well, thankfully everyone else on my team went off though lol

Bummed on it too but I won’t be releasing him because of it.
I thankfully benched him this week and will again next week.
Need to hear more news on what he did to his knee. Being back on the field second half is good but they took him out of the game plan.

Kupp gets so many redzone looks in one of the biggest touchdown pass producing offenses. Don’t drop! Don’t let anyone trade low just cause he burned ya!

@KingDoofus…oh I absolutely AM NOT even considering dropping him by any means. Just a little concerned that his production may slack up quite a bit for the next week or more. And as I mentioned above going 2-4 this week. (I just realized a moment ago that I initially listed it as 3-3, so I’m fixin’ to edit that as soon as I get done posting this). So…starting to get really hard up for as many pts as I can muster.

Just kind of aggravating. I won 2 of the first 3 weeks and was sitting in 3rd place, but haven’t won a week since and am now in 8th place out of 10. Came close a couple of weeks ago…but…LOL…close don’t cut it at this point!!! :worried:

Yeah I hear ya. I had Kupp & Ridley get injured and go off the field this week. Thankfully had Kupp benched this time 'round.

Really hope he gets back to proper form fast because he is a goldmine in some matchups.

Well…therein lies the prob with me. I had him on the bench both week 3 vs LAC (he hadn’t gone nuts yet the first couple of weeks) and week 4 vs MIN (I didn’t figure he’d do much against MIN after their humiliating previous week vs BUF. Figured MIN would already have him at the top of their hit list after the way he played the week before). After that I swore I’d never bench him again; that I had learned my lesson!!! (SMH) I can’t win!!! :unamused:

Yup. I had him benched against MIN. AND I had Goff benched. I somehow still managed the win that week but my bench outscored most of my league that week too.